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Feature Fire

Designing Custom Fire Pits and Fire Places

Custom Designed

A fire can be the most impressive feature of your home or garden, so don't compromise on style or function.

Get the fire of your dreams with a custom design from Feature Fire.

Innovation, creativity and fire science are combined to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics, performance and safety.

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Bespoke is better

There are many fire pits and fireplaces on the market, but they are never exactly what you want - there is always some sort of compromise.

A bespoke fireplace or fire pit from Feature Fire can be customised to suit your home or garden, customised to burn the way you want it, and customised to look magnificent even when the fire is not lit.

If you want a truly unique fireplace or fire pit, Feature Fire can make it a reality. 

Why Choose

Feature FirE

If you want a custom fire pit or fireplace there are limited options beyond doing it yourself. Of those limited options Feature Fire is the right choice because our professional design services result in high levels of safety and quality for your fire.

Feature Fire has the creative thinking and fire science knowledge to conceptualise truly unique and sculptural fires that are also functional.

The convenience and friendly service that Feature Fire provides makes bringing your fire into reality a pleasant and exciting journey. 

Expertly manufactured

Through partnership with specialist artisans, craftsmen and tradespeople, Feature Fire is able to offer expertise in manufacturing fireplaces of a wide range of materials, including steel, stone, slate, brass,

brick, timber, concrete and glass.

During manufacture of your fireplace or fire pit, Feature Fire assumes a logistics and project management role to ensure timely completion and the highest standards of quality control

Feature Fire - Sydney, NSW
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