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Fire Design

Feature Fire's core service is design. We take time to understand exactly what you want from your fireplace or fire pit and then develop that into a concept that meets your needs. Fire designs are developed in full 3D so you can review every aspect as it develops.


An in-depth understanding of fire behavior and fire safety allows Feature Fire to achieve spectacular results that will amaze and mesmerise.

Through iterative consultation, details are refined to achieve optimal cost, aesthetics and safety. The result is a truly bespoke fire design along with associated drawings and specifications for manufacture.


Feature Fire provides design on projects of all sizes - small backyard fires for roasting marshmallows to large artistic fire installations for bars, restaurants and wineries. 

Fireplace design drawing

Manufacture & Installation

During manufacture of your fireplace or fire pit, Feature Fire assumes a logistics and project management role to organise everything required to get your fireplace or fire pit manufactured and installed. Feature Fire will ensure timely completion and the highest standards of quality control.

Through partnership with specialist artisans, craftsmen and tradespeople, Feature Fire is able to offer expertise in manufacturing using a wide range of materials, including steel, stone, slate, brass,

brick, timber, concrete and glass. This approach is better than trying to be a 'Jack of all trades' and allows for increased customisation

Bespoke outdoor fireplace


Feature Fire want you to enjoy your new fireplace or fire pit and want you to show it off to all your friends and family.


That's why we will help you throw you Launch Party  to celebrate lighting your fire for the first time.

Contact Feature Fire today to ask about your commissioning party.

Fire and Friends
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