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Feature Fire is a boutique design firm specialising in the design of custom fireplaces and fire pits. Our fires are designed to be artistic, sculptural, functional and safe. 

The philosophy at Feature Fire is that your fire pit or fireplace should be customised to fit within, and compliment, the design of your home or garden.​

Don't settle for a mass produced, off-the-shelf fire pit that has that same-same look as every other one. Don't spend half your budget on an high-priced European fireplace that doesn't really make any 'statement' beyond the price tag.

​A Feature Fire design is customised to suit your needs and desires. Choose the materials and finish of your fireplace or fire pit. Choose the type of fuel your fire will burn. Choose the style and aesthetics of your fireplace or fire pit to make sure it looks amazing in your home or garden, even when the fire is not lit.

Feature Fire does designs for residential homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels  and wineries. Our clients are home owners, architects, designers, developers and more.   

Feature Fire is primarily a design studio, however through partnership with key manufacturers, we provide the project management and logistics services necessary to construct and install your fire so you don't have to worry about it. Only local manufacturers and installers are used.

​Feature Fire is run by Mathew Freeman, a fire safety engineer with over 10 years experience. Mathew has an inventive mind and a conscience for safety. He has an expert understanding of thermodynamics and fire behavior to enable the manipulation of flames and heat to suit your needs. His experience in the building fire safety industry gives him an expert sense for what sorts of fire risks are unsafe.

Mathew loves a good fire - whether that be on the couch with a glass of wine, in the backyard talking with friends till late or just a simple campfire to cook your breakfast on. He has a passion for quality design and doesn't follow the crowd. 

Feature Fire is Australian owned and operated. As a small local business, we support other local businesses.


The Feature Fire design studio is based in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) in NSW, however we service all of Australia and beyond.

corten fireplace
Bamboo Inspired Fire Sculpture
Custom outdoor fireplace
Custom campfire

If the world is cold,

make it your business to build fires.

Horace Traubel

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