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Want to get started on your own Fire Feature?

If you have a concept for a great fireplace or fire pit and you're ready to let Feature Fire bring that idea to life, please send a message and together we can start to kindle your ideas into a fully formed Fire Feature.

Maybe you don't have much of an idea for a fireplace or fire pit, but you know you love fire and you want something bespoke. Please get in touch and Feature Fire will help you brainstorm ideas to discover what sort of fireplace or fire pit will get you hot.

Got a burning question?

Do you want to know more about Feature Fire and how the process works?

Do you have concerns about fire safety?

Do you need to know the ideal technique for toasting marshmallows?

Please feel free to send a message.

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Thanks for reaching out. Your smoke signal has been sent. Feature Fire will be in touch shortly.

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